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E-mail:, tel. no. (+370 5) 233 97 86, mob. no. (+370 6) 001 85 22
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E-mail:, tel. no. (+370 5) 233 97 86, mob. no. (+370 6) 001 85 22
Our values: respect, fairness, discipline and competence. We have a long history and the most important asset – a good reputation. We are advisers and professionals, as well as warm and friendly people. In the same way that we are appreciating our customers, we, too, appreciate of each other very much. We help each other, work individually but also as a team. We always try to achieve maximum results. Professionalism and work of the highest quality can be taken for granted for us. But we give a lot more – a pleasant communication, an open-minded enquiry, a genuine interest.  

Renata Ivaškevičiūtė

Why us?

jv Justinas Vaitiekus
Director of REMAX Apex

In order to simplify an accounting processes and to increase activities of the company, UAB „MILITA“ shall make use of  a bookkeeping services of UAB „ACL“  for a several years. We are very pleased and grateful for the staff and operations of the company as well as good cooperation, so we can safely recommend it for the other customers.

There are many reasons to choose „Geros buhalterės“.


We provide an exceptional service. We are focus on the service of the highest quality providing maximum benefits for our customers.

We have a long history and the most important asset – a good reputation.

We are very proud and glad of our long and successful relations with many different companies. We build stable, long-term and time-tested partnerships with our customers.

We are large and flexible enough to provide a very diverse range of services.



years of work


members team


thousand EUR of annual turnover


thousand EUR of business activities insurance

We have an obligation to provide a good service – in particular against themselves.

Our team values are: passion for a job, respect, fairness, discipline and competence.

We are experienced and that is much more than words. It is guarantee of our exceptional and qualitative service. Although almost every company would propose the high quality service, but the difference between us and others, is that we offer CERTAINTY for you. We guarantee that:

  • We will complete our work on time

  • We will always complete our work at a maximum quality

  • We will keep our promises and commitments

We understand aims of our customers


  • We seek to proper understand businesses and aims of our customer and to help them achieve their objectives and targets. We made a simple and clear communication, so that we can communicate quick and clear.

  • We are approachable and understand the time value of our customers.

  • We keep our word.

  • We care about having a cosy and positive work atmosphere in our office.

  • We guarantee that every meeting with us will be a pleasant experience.

We work in financial services market since 2000. We understand the different needs of each business and have knowledge and experience for providing the highest quality services for your business.

We offer solutions, accept new challenges, we are enthusiastic, we love our job and we are living in what we do.

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