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E-mail:, tel. no. (+370 5) 233 97 86, mob. no. (+370 6) 001 85 22
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E-mail:, tel. no. (+370 5) 233 97 86, mob. no. (+370 6) 001 85 22

Chief financial officer (CFO) services


The purpose is to understand a vision of each business; from a bottom-up and top-down perspectives. To help resolve and prevent real problems exactly where they begin.

Your needs can become a challenge for us, however, it will never be an insurmountable problem, as we are working with the highest quality of the standards and offering professionalism, partnership and respect.

Useful advice, commercial approach, the highest level of competence and most importantly – our experience, all of this serves to achieve a successful outcome.

Chief financial officer services are used by companies with an annual turnover of over LTL 5 million.

Chief financial officer is primarily an independent discussion partner and is not identical with the particular company and may therefore raise a point of the progress of the process: why it goes the way it is, why the other possibly advantages methods are not selected.

This service will allow customers to control effectively financial status of the company, identify timely potential financial issues or opportunities, while at the same time saving a director‘s working time and company‘s funds which would be necessary on recruiting financial analyst.

Responsibilities of the chief financial officer

Analysis of the financial indicators of the company, provision of conclusions and recommendations

Calculated and analyzed financial indicators for the previous periods as well as their predicted values will help you to take a deeper and more detailed look at the financial status of your business. You will receive detailed warnings about a negative one or other trends of indicators, potential risk factors, assessment of the financial status, recommendations for actions affecting the financial status of the company.

Establishment and control of the budgets

O the basis of your accountancy data and additional information about the future plans of the company, we will provide and update permanently or as appropriate the revenue and expenditure budgets which will allow you to ensure strict cost control and to determine for the employees concerned revenue targets that will be the basis for the planning of the cash flow.

Planning and control of the cash flow

We will permanently provide planning and control of the cash flow ensuring that your company will provide potential difficulties of the lack of working capital to front or vice versa, possible losses due to the large quantity of cash in hand or holding a bank account.

Consulting on investment decisions

We will identify in time the potential financial difficulties or the opportunities for the business development; we will advise in adopting of financing decisions as well as consult you for the fund rising from external sources.

Advice on investment decisions

We will identify in time the potential cash surplus, inform about opportunities such surplus turn into additional revenue and consult you in choosing the optimal investment approach.

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