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E-mail:, tel. no. (+370 5) 233 97 86, mob. no. (+370 6) 001 85 22
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E-mail:, tel. no. (+370 5) 233 97 86, mob. no. (+370 6) 001 85 22

ACL Payroll Solutions

ACL Payroll Solutions

Practical know-how, more than 16 years of advisory experience and focus on results, taking into account the client's needs, distinguishes our company from other accounting service providers

It is where the company's earning calculation tasks are outsourced to an external accounting service provider.

Advantages of the service: the company no longer has to hire payroll specialists. Fixed costs are transformed into variable costs.

Increase/reduction in the scope of work and the associated costs are maximally optimized.

Guaranteed professionalism and competence, as well as guarantee of confidentiality associated with payroll information.

The main work processes are carried out online. We will seem to like your remote payroll department

- Payroll calculation (total, single, temporary accounts)

- Leave pay, accounting of compensations for unused leave

- Bonus and premium accounting

- Per diem accounting

- Accounting of alimony, life insurance, credit and loans, and other benefits

- Payment sheets, issue of summaries

- Payment slips and emailing them to employees

- Employee personal account handling

- Tax returns to STI, Sodra, reports to Statistics Board

- Preparation of pay for payments

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