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E-mail:, tel. no. (+370 5) 233 97 86, mob. no. (+370 6) 001 85 22
Lt En Ru
E-mail:, tel. no. (+370 5) 233 97 86, mob. no. (+370 6) 001 85 22

Establishment of companies

Good understanding of the customer and his business is the basis for our successful cooperation.

We will speed up and make your business start-up process easier.
We draft company incorporation documents, fill in all the necessary forms of the State Enterprise Centre of Registers, and if you have no company registration address, we can offer you our address at Rygos g. 6, Vilnius. We deliver the approved documents to the centre of registers and after the company registration enter into contracts with the STI, Sodra, draft labour contracts, and prepare all the accounting documents necessary for your activities.
  • Setting up of UAB, VšĮ, MB, IĮ – EUR 260
  • Restructuring of private companies into UAB – EUR 300
Shelf companies – for those who save time

Sale of new shelf companies. Each company has a bank account, the formed authorized capital, the stamp, and the registration address in Vilnius, Rygos g. 6.

Price– 300 Eur.

Registration address – EUR 58

  • Address Rygos g. 6, Vilnius
  • You will always get your correspondence
  • Operating office
  • Access to a meeting room for your meetings with business partners
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